Re: A place called Nadaboivetz ??? - Said to have been near Hotin #general

Alexander Sharon

Avrumi Kahane wrote:

I learned recently that my great grandfather was a Shochet first in a
place called Nadaboivetz or something like that, before moving to Sokiryany and
exercising the profession there.

Did anyone ever hear of this place before ?
Place is known currently as Nedoboyevtsy in Ukrainian Location at 4826
2621, about 8 miles WSW >from Hotin in Podolia, close to Bukovina and Moldova
(ex Bessarabia) borders.
Other known town Moldavian and Ukrainian names are: Nedebeutsy, Nedabauti,
Nedoboutsy, and some maps displaying also: Nedoboivici

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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