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Aaron also officiated as 'Rev' for his other
children's marriages at the Great Synagogue as
it was, Dukes Place, Bethnal Green Great
Synagogue and Heathfield Park. How can I find
out more about Aaron's role as a Reader/Cantor.
He does not appear in the 1931/Susser Archive
information in JGen.
Perhaps this chazan:

... over to the "Shomrei Hadass", where the tenor Rabinowitz was Chazan (he
had been brought there by Joseph Byalsky) and Gantmann was the

About the use of "Rev" for a chazan, much has been said over the years in
this NG. I maintain it does not mean "reverend", but that both "rev" and
"rav" ment "rabbi" in the sense of "learned gentleman".

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