DAVIDSON - Cape Town, South Africa #general


Dear group

I'm searching for descendants of Barnet (Mordkhel Pesach) DAVIDSON,
born 1868, and Dora (Dvorah) ZIMBLER, born 1865 in Riga, and their
children, Millie, Lily, Sylvia, Rachel, Samuel and Lewis. Lewis was
born in London in 1896, and emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa. His
wife was Gertie and his children were Esmond, Alexander and Raymond.

Thank you
Please respond privately
Jill Anderson
London UK

Searching for: ABRAHAMSON - Rokiskis, London, USA; ALTER- Austria,
London; DAVIS/DAVIDSON- Riga, London; HALPERIN - Lodz, London;
GINSBURG - Dvinsk, London, USA; JACOBSON - Poland, London, Hove;
MILGROM - Trembowla, London; NOR/NORR - Panevezys, USA; PEARL/PERL/
PERLE - Birzen, London, Plymouth; SCHUSTER - Rokiskis, USA; SCHWARTZ/
SWARTZ - Dvinsk, Rokiskis, London, USA; SIEGLER/ZIMBLER - Alshad

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