question about Rabbi Samuel MOHILEWER #general


I am researching my great great grandfather Rabbi Samuel MOHILEWER. I should
qualify that last statement as I cannot prove it. My father Jacob was told by his
father (Dov Ber) that he came to America instead of going to Israel (>from Poland
mid 1890's) in defiance of his grandfather who wanted him to settle in Israel. He
said he did not want all the Jews in the same place. His grandfather was Rabbi
Samuel Mohilewer and he was one of the early pioneer Zionists who helped to create
Israel. He died in 1898 before the Second Zionist conference. The family
originated >from David Gorodok.

The mystery. There are numerous Mollivers in the USA claiming the same great great
grandfather. And I found a family in Israel claiming the same place of origin and
the same last name or derivatives.

My question: Since Judaica only lists one son for the Rabbi and one grandson is it
possible that family members could have been hidden, disowned, whatever. My
grandfather had to know who his grandfather was if he was talking to him. In
emailing others asking the same question two clues pop up. 1. David Gorodok as
a place of origin and 2. Red or blond hair of family members.

My father Jacob and my grandfather were strawberry blonds. Wish I had that kind of
information about the Rabbi and I would probably cease looking ;-)

If anyone can shed light on this, please help. I know there are books at the
Library of Congress that I found many many years ago. When they brought them to me
to read at the desk I was so excited. The Rabbi had written them. My heart sank
when I saw they were in Yiddish. What was I to do. I could not take them home
and I could not read them let alone translate them. I often wonder if a clue would
have been in one of them.

Bonnie Mogelever Pollack
Searching Mohilewer >from David Gorodok and Pollack (Pollacio) >from Rega Latvia

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