The Certificate of Arrival: Necessary for Naturalization? #general

Mitch Stone <mitch@...>

I recently obtained the Naturalization Petition for my grandfather. I hoped this
would lead to a passenger manifest for him, which due to a surname change, has
eluded me after many years of searching. Unfortunately, the date in 1905 he stated
in his petition as his arrival in New York was apparently incorrect, as this still
does not lead to any passenger which looks like it might be him or any of his
family members, even after widening the search to the entire month. Then I noticed
that, in his case, naturalization was apparently approved without a Certificate of
Arrival attached to the front of the Declaration of Intention form.

My question for the experts is whether a Certificate of Arrival was necessary for
the approval of naturalization. I suspect that the Immigration Service could not
find the manifest for the same reasons I could not, and that the court instead
relied upon the witnesses who swore that he had been in the country since at least

I am also wondering if he would have any had any reason to tell the court that he'd
arrived in New York in 1905 if he'd actually arrived a year later. If it is of any
importance, he declared intention in 1924, was witnessed in 1927, and approved in

Many thanks in advance,

Mitch Stone

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