Viennese Hiking Song #austria-czech

robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

This is one of my occasional postings on a subject that, whilst not strictly
speaking of genealogical relevance, is nevertheless of interest in
my on-going research into my family history.

When my late father and his elder brother were growing up in pre-WW2 Vienna,
they belonged to various youth groups and hiking groups, Jewish and
non-Jewish, and they had (one of several) a communal song to sing whilst
walking. As I recall hearing it >from them many years later, the words ran

"hunger hunger, hunger hunger
-------marmelade-------shnitzel, blumenkohlsalad
und warme wuerstchen, bratkartoffel
hunger hunger, hunger hunger"

and so on and so on.

I know what the words mean (food, glorious food!), although I would be
interested to have the blanks filled in. But I'm also interested to know if
this was a "Jewish" song rather than a general walking group song. And also,
it is still current?

Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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