Re: Novo Alexandria? #general

Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

I am not surprised you are having trouble with maps. Gazetteers, with their
alphabetical listings and sometimes with phonetic finding aides, are much better
for this. Novaya Aleksandriya, which could easily have morphed into Novo
Alexandria in an English language environment, is now called Pulawy. (The "L" is
the Polish character with a slash across the middle.) It is 46 km WNW of Lublin in
modern Poland, according to Where Once We Walked (Revised Edition). Its map
coordinates are 51 25 North and 21 58 East.

Prior to WWI, this place was part of the Russian Empire.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY


"Peter Lebensold" <peter@...> wrote

When my great-uncle Joseph Leon WERNER applied, in 1913, for his British
citizenship, he identified his place of birth as "Novo Alexandria,Province
Lublin (near Kief)", and I am having some trouble finding the town in JRI-Poland
or a modern map of Poland.

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