My DIAMONDS/DIMENTS/DIAMENTS from Suwalki & census 1911 (UK) #general

Rica Goldberg

Dear Genners

Hip, hip, hooray! At long last I seem to be finding out where my maternal
grandfather Nathan DIAMOND came from. And thank goodness a million times for the
British 1911 census which is on line (google it).

My late mother was always talking about her family - her cousins - her aunts and
uncles so perhaps that was one of the reasons I was so interested in family. And
she always said her parents came >from Kovno Gubernia. I found her mother Raizel
KAMENSHCHIK on the 1874 Rivision List of Lithuania with her siblings and parents
in a shtetl called Zeimiai (which is about 20 miles NE of the city of Kovno) but
have never come across anything to do with Nathan DIAMOND until this week!!!

On the British 1911 census there he is in Manchester and it says he came >from
Sevalk Russia. I take it that was Suwalki. And it states his wife Raizel (Rose)
came >from Covena Russia. His son Hymie is written as Ivy. and his son Abraham is
written as Abi. The census taker obviously had a little problem translating their
English accent!

Besides the two DIAMOND brothers of my grandfather who also settled in Manchester
and Sheffield, some years ago I found the descendents of his sister Sarah FRANK who
with her four sons settled in Montreal about 1914. On the naturalisation documents
of one of Sarah's sons it states he was born in Gedlow which today is called

Does anyone know what is available for researching Suwalki and Garliava?

Wishing everyone connected to Jewishgen and all the other SIGs a Happy Pesach.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

Still researching:- ESTRY >from somewhere in Poland; BERLINSKIE >from Charlottenburg
in Berlin; KAMENSHCHIK >from Zeimia and Jonova in Lithuania; DIAMOND >from Suwalki;
FRANK >from Garliava in Lithuania; LEVI & LESCZINSKIJ >from Sompolno in Poland;
SCHULZICKEL or SHLUZITEL (now GOLDBERG) >from Vabalninkas in Lithuania, COHEN from
Russian Poland

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