Database of Memorials erected in Israel to Vanished Communities - over 350 memorials #general

Rose Feldman <rosef@...>

The Israel Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that the project of
Memorials to Vanished Communities in Israel (MVC) in memory of Dr. Ludger
Moyal, and prepared for the 2004 IAJGS International Conference in
Jerusalem, is now online and may be viewed at our website: The database includes more than 350 monuments
representing over 1400 communities and countries. There are a few cases
where memorials are dedicated to town Jews who suffered pogroms which were
not related to the Shoah.
The memorials were built by associations of former residents
(landsmanschaften) of communities in Europe annihilated during the Shoah.
The immigrants arrived in Eretz Israel before, during or after the Shoah.
Many but not all of the monuments are located in cemeteries in Israel, and
contain soil brought >from the killing fields in Europe. A large number of
the memorials commemorate more than one community.
This project does not include every single memorial in Israel. In
particular, we have not yet documented the Chamber of the Holocaust on Mt.
Zion in Jerusalem, which we intend to carry out as an entire project.
We would appreciate comments and/or corrections, if you think you have
discovered an error in our identification of a memorial. If you know of
inadvertently overlooked cenotaphs please let us know by sending a photo and
full description to webmaster@... .

Rose Feldman
Webmaster of the Israel Genealogical Society

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