Geldverwaltungskarte - Money Administration Cards - at Buchenwald #general

Judith Elam

Here is some more information submitted by Omer Vanvoorden on the
Geldverwaltungskarte at Buchenwald. There is a book on the subject.

Title : The Buchenwald Report
Can be seen at :
Is sold at prices >from 8 to 22 Dollar
Editor and other info :
The Buchenwald Report

Door David A. Hackett, Intelligence Team, Supreme Headquarters Allied
Expeditionary Force. Psychological Warfare Division

vertaald door David A. Hackett

Edition: illustrated

Gepubliceerd door Perseus Books Group, 1997

ISBN 0813333636, 9780813333632

424 pagina's

MODERATOR NOTE: This is a one-mention mention of a book available

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