Re: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and genealogy #general

roe kard

Matt Friedman asks: "I don't know why this question hasn't occured
to me sooner, but does anyone know if there has been any attempt to
use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a genealogical tool?"

I have been working with Professor Steve Egbert >from University of
Kansas on a project combining my Rawa Ruska database(s) and maps with
the power of GIS.

Shortly after our proposal to present our work at this years IAJGS
Conference in Philadelphia was accepted, Prof. Egbert was awarded a
grant that will keep him in Kazakhstan during May and June. Thus, our
work schedule got messed up and we decided to withdraw this
presentation >from this year's conference. Hopefully, we will be able
to share this fascinating work in LA in 2010 or in writing before then.

Karen Rosenfeld Roekard
aka Gitel Chaye Eta Rosenfeld Rokart

(Rawa Ruska, Wulka Mazowieki, Magierow, Niemerow, Ulicka Zarabone)
ROKART, ROKACH (Belz, Sokal, Brody)
GOLDWURM (Bialy Kamen)
GOLD, GOLDBERG, BIEGEL, BERGREEN (Dzikow, Tarnbrzeg, Ropcyctz

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