BITS (BICH/BITZ) family from Dubrovna, Mogilev gub. to Cesis (Venden), Latvia and USA #belarus

Adam Katzeff <Adam.Katzeff@...>

Dear all,

One branch of my GOLDBERG family (originating in Papile, Lithuania) married
into a family named BITS (also spelled BICH and BITZ) originating in
Dubrovna, Belarus (formerly in the Mogilev guberniya).

The two persons marrying was Tsilla aka Tsipa GOLDBERG (born about 1875,
daughter of Simon GOLDBERG and Rive KAPLAN) and Yudka Itsekov-Movshev BITS
(born about 1870, probably in Dubrovna, son of Itsek-Movsha BITS).

I'm not sure when or where they married, but they lived in Cesis (Venden),
Latvia in the early 20th century. There they had the following children:

*Zelik Simon, born 1897
*Khaim Simson, born 1898
*Masha-Eta, born 1901
*Izrail/Srol Girsh, born 1903
*Pesya-Leya, born 1905, later married GOLDIN
*Itsek-Movsha, born 1908
*Feyga Gita, born 1911, later married LIVSHITS

Yudka died sometime between 1911 and 1924, probably in Riga. In 1924 his two
children Khaim Simson and Masha-Eta emigrated to the US where they were
going to their aunt Ella SNEIDER (née GOLDBERG), then living in Kenosha,
Wisconsin, but later settled in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

So far I haven't been able to track down Khaim Simson and Masha-Eta after
their arrival in the US, so I have a feeling they might have emigrated
further after some time, perhaps to South America or Israel!?!?

With the help of the new database "Jews of Latvia: A Project of Names and
Fates 1941-1945", I have found out that Tsipa and all the other children
(except the oldest son who I think died already as a child) was still living
in Latvia during WW2. Most likely they were all killed, maybe with an
exception of Pesya-Leya that eventually managed to escape.

Now I'm wondering if someone have come across this family or any other
branches of the BITS family >from Dubrovna in their researches. Maybe someone
even know of the fate of any of the children or have come across some
descendants of the two children who emigrated >from Latvia before WW2.

Best regards,

Adam Katzeff,
Malmoe, Sweden

GOLDBERG: Papile, Lithuania; Cesis, Latvia; Tallinn, Estonia; Glasgow,
Scotland; Sweden; Denmark; CT+WI, USA.
KATSEV/KATZEFF/KATZOFF/KACEV: Papile, Lithuania; Cesis+Riga, Latvia;
Parnu+Tallinn, Estonia; Glasgow, Scotland; Sweden; Denmark; MA+PA+GA+NY+CA,
USA.NEMCHENOK/NEMCHENKO: Yanovichi+Surazh+Velizh+Vitebsk, Belarus; St.
Petersburg, Russia; Paris, France; Sweden; Denmark; NY, USA.

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