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My GGM Feiga (nee FAJNBERG) LANDSMAN was born in 1856 in Gelvan (now Gelvonai) near
Vilna. Her father was Eliash ben Leyb. She emigrated to Boston in 1821 to live
with her children a few years after her husband Abram died.

Yad Vashem pages of testimony show a large FINBERG family >from Gelvan that is
undoubtedly related since the shtetl was quite small. Leib and Ester FINBERG had
many children in the 1880/90s including Chone (married Henia and died in Zosla
c.1941), Natan (married Rachel), Chaia (married Yaakov RESNIK and died c.1942 in
Lida), Tauba (married Mordechai KOT and died c.1942 in Zosla) and Pinchas (married
Hinda LEIN, died in Gelvan c.1941).

Pinchas and Hinda had a number of children c.1910-1920 in Gelvan including
Beila/Berta (married Peretz GOLOMB, died c1941 in Gelvan), Jakob (married Charna,
died c1942 Gelvan), Rivka (married Betzalel), Batia, Chanoch and Ahuva (married
GORNIK). Ahuva (nee GOLOMB) GORNIK submitted many of the pages of testimony in
1957 to Yad Vashem >from which the list above was compiled. I believe Ahuva was
living in Israel in 1957 (but my hebrew is inadequate to tell for sure).

It seems very likely that this FINBERG family is related to mine. If this sounds
familiar, please contact me privately at <>

Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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