Search request in Schirdam or Schiedam Holland (Netherlands) #general

Debby Gincig Painter

I am trying to determine when my Great-Grandmother passed away and my Great-
Grandfather remarries. She probably died between 1913 (birth of last child) and
1919 in Strasbourg or more likely Schiedam/Schirdam. The family went there in 1914
from Strasbourg when WWI breaks out. A record for alien registration found in
Strasbourg shows him leaving there in 1914 (no note of rest of family). Family
history says they come back to Strasbourg after war, decide to "remain" German and
by 1920 are in Dortmund, Germany where he is already married to wife #3 (source:
Dortmund census).

Had an idea that might help narrow the date and place of her death. Is there
someone who help me locate a marriage certificate for her daughter Ryfke "Regina"
Klinger b abt 1901 in Pitrokov, Poland and Fizsel "Philip" Faktor b. abt 1894 in
Lodz, Poland. They would have married in 1917 (1930 US Census) or 1918 (family
history). Her father was Mosiek Srul "Max" Klinger and listed mother would be
either Anna (nee Joskowitz) Klinger (b. July 07, 1879 Pietrokov, Poland) or Nisle
(nee Levi) Klinger (b. Aug 28 1881 Konigshofen, Alsace - Stepmother). His parents
were Daniel and Frejndla (nee Sarkowska) Faktor. They had a son (Bernard) there
on July 01, 1919. Perhaps there might even be a death certificate for Anna
Joskowitz Klinger in either Strasbourg or Schiedam that might be found?

If the actual documents cannot be duplicated, the information they contain would be
very helpful.

Thank you,
Debby Painter
Constantine, MI

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