Requirements for Canadian marriage #general

Diane <dlfrankel@...>

Would anyone know the requirements for an American to get a copy of a marriage
certificate >from 1901 in Quebec? Is it even possible or must the person requesting
the document be a Canadian? Of course, the bride and groom are deceased.

Diane Frankel, Miami, FL (formerly Bayonne, NJ)
Barr/Borr, Feldman >from Beltz in Bessarabia/Moldova Brodkin >from Minsk Gub, Belarus
Frankel, Perksy, >from Slutsk in Minsk, Gub, Belarus
Kaplan >from Koidanov/Dhzinsk in Minsk Gub, Belarus
Pressman, Rabinowitz >from Dolhinow/Dolginovo, in Minsk Gub, Belarus
Sprotz >from Minsk, Gub, Belarus Uslan >from Uzlany, Minsk Gub, Belarus

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