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Evertjan. <exjxw.hannivoort@...>

Debby Painter wrote:
I am trying to determine when my Great-Grandmother passed away and my Great-
Grandfather remarries. She probably died between 1913 (birth of last child)
and 1919 in Strasbourg or more likely Schiedam/Schirdam...
This place is Schiedam in the Netherlands, the word "Schirdam" must be a slip of
the pen or the eye. <> the local genealogy
database, has: Marriage, date 13/6/1918 groom: Faktor, Fischel, born Lodz [Russian
Poland],08-03-1896 [8 March] Russian subject, typesetter, living in Schiedam
father groom: Faktor, Daniel, 54 years old mother groom: Schatkowsky, Freidela, 53
years old the whereabouts and living staus of the grooms parents are unknown.

bride: Klinger, Riwka, born: Petrokow [Russian Poland], 14-11-1901 at 9pm Russian
subject, unemployed, living in Schiedam father bride: Klinger , Moschek, 56 years
old, merchant, mother bride: Joskowitch, Cheeny Nisli, 38 years old, unemployed
both living in Schiedam

Online on the above site are 8 original colour scans of that marriage, including 2
declarations of the Russian consulate and the Russian original official
translation of the act of birth of Riwka ["Moschek could not write"]

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
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