Where is "Manastersano, Russia"? #general

Renee Steinig

According to David Malkin's Declaration of Intention and Petition for
Naturalization (Eastern District Pennsylvania, viewable in Ancestry's new Selected
U.S. Naturalization Records collection), he was born 9 Sept. 1879 in "Manastersano,
Russia." He immigrated to the US in 1897 on a route that apparently took him from
Ekaterinoslav (now Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine) to Montreal, then by railway to New
London,Connecticut. He settled in Philadelphia, where he married Mary Katz, born in
what's now Kamyanets Podilskyy, Ukraine.

According to one of their daughters, David was ">from Mogilev." Searching the
JewishGen Shtetl Seeker by Soundex, the one town I found that's near current-day
Mahilyow, Belarus (formerly Mogilev), and was in pre-WWI Mogilev gubernia, is
Monastyrshchina. Could that be pronounced anything like Manastersano?

Since Mary was >from Podolia, I also looked for possibilities near the Mogilev in
that vicinity -- now Mohyliv-Podilskyy, Ukraine -- but nothing seemed right. Both
Mogilevs are hundreds of miles >from David's last residence in Europe,

I've located David on a Canadian arrival record, on four U.S. censuses and on both
World War draft registrations, but none of these records says more than "Russia."
His 1898 U.S. border crossing record says he was born in "Mogelow."

Any ideas?


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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