Re: Male as the first name on a Certificate #general

Joseph Hirschfield writes:
"Here is a twist on the discussion of first name on documents. When I found my
grandmother's sister's Ellis Island arrival. It said 'Male B,,,', gender said
'female'. Reading this 'Male' >from an American/English perspective it seemed
confusing. Not at all. Her name was Molly..."

Male is a name that was used in the "old country. It was also spelled Malie and
pronounced molly. It is short for Machle. When coming to America, with someone
saying their name was Malie, it could easily have been written down as Molly. Or
else the person later adopted the name Molly, a common practice of Americanizing
one's "old country" name.

Joe Hirschfield
Portage, MI
Glinyany, Novyy Jaryczow-GALICIA MINOFF, MINOWICKI, MINOWITZKI-Brest Litovsk,
Wysokae Litovsk-BELARUS

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