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I'm hoping someone is familiar enough with New York and
Philadelphia to help me with the following problem. I have
two people who I am trying to find in the 1910 and/or 1920
census, but although I can find their streets and numbers on
a current map, I can't find them in the census.
The first, B Bas (first name difficult to decipher) is the
contact person for my relative (Sam Kwiczor) on a ship
manifest in January 1912 - address: 1st Ave. 864, New York.

As we have said before, always use maps that are closest to
the date on the document. The NYPL digital map collection

has a 1911 Atlas for Manhattan, and the index shows this
address to be on plate 21. Using the cross streets on the
map and SteveMorse site, you find these are in Ward 19.
By searching 1910 Census for last name BAS*
in Manhattan Ward 19, you come up with Barnett BASS, and
he is at 864 First Ave.

At the Free Library of Philadelphia there is list of
available Atlases, including various libraries that
carry them.

If you don't live in Phili, you should call the library and see if they will
give you the cross streets for the Phili address.

David Rubin and Mrs. Rubin

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