Judah LEVY property in Harlem, NYC 1860 -1890 #general

Sonnie Sperati <slsweaver@...>

My great grandfather Judah Levy (born ~1835) emigrated to NYC >from London ~1860.
Family story says he owned several "blocks" of property in Harlem sometime between
1860-1890. Can anyone tell me how I should go about tracking this down. I live in
PA. Are there NYC property records online? I have two of his home addresses during
that period but suspect that the owned property may have been undeveloped property.
But that is only a "feeling" I have.

Sonnie Sperati
Landenberg, PA

MODERATOR NOTE: The New York city resources for finding property records has been
discussed several times - check the JewishGen Discussion Group Archives for some
useful tips

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