Re: Judah LEVY property in Harlem, NYC 1860 -1890 #general

Barb & Howard

Persons interested in Harlem area in Manhattan might find it interesting to read
"When Harlem was Jewish". I read this book a while ago. My local public library
was able to obtain it for me on inter-library loan. Sorry that I do not remember
the author's named-- but I do recall that the author was doing it as a research

My reason for having wanted to read the book was to get a sense of why my Cohn
[changed >from Siskilowitz after arrival at Castle Garden] family [originating from
the Grodno area] was know to have lived in an apartment building overlooking the
street that borders the northern edge of Central Park at the corner of 5th Avenue
in the early 1900's. The Cohns later moved on up to the Bronx.

from initial inquiries and hearsay legend it seems that Wolfie Cohn, who was a
carpenter, who had been daily commuting >from the lower east side to work in Harlem
found that there were an abundance of new apartments, that were not renting up very
fast. New and nicer apartments accomadations were available at reasonable rent, and
he would no longer have to make the long daily round trip commute to work on the
newly created subway line. Jewish amenities were becoming available in the new
neighborhood. Hope this helps.

Howard Steinmetz
Boulder, Co. USA

From: Sonnie Sperati [mailto:slsweaver@...]
My great grandfather Judah Levy (born ~1835) emigrated to NYC >from London ~1860.
Family story says he owned several "blocks" of property in Harlem sometime between

MODERATOR NOTE: "When Harlem Was Jewish" was written by Jeffrey Gurock in 1977.
It was his doctoral dissertation at Columbia University.

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