Dr Bloch's Osterreichische Wochenschrift - a genealogical source #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

There are so many newspapers we can now read on the w.w.w. that it is hard to
find time to read the current editions. The wonderful Compact Memory site - dem
Wissenschafts portal fur Judische Studien [I translate this roughly as a
knowledge database? for Jewish studies] has scanned many Jewish periodicals and
they can all be accessed for free: http://www.compactmemory.de/

The only snag is that you have to speak German - but even without a word of
German you can find names/places of interest. Unfortunately the papers are not
searchable - you have to read them! You will soon get used to the script.

My all-time favourite [I am biased perhaps?] so far is: Dr. Bloch's
Osterreichische Wochenschrift - scroll down on the left until you find the
paper alphabetically under *Dr*. Use the black squares on the top right to
enlarge. This newspaper predates the Simon Wiesenthal Institute's screening of
anti-semitic happenings and writing by many, many, many decades.

The home page tells you about the remit of this newspaper, published between
1884 and 1920, which soon became the official organ of the Israelitische
Kultusgemeinde [IKG], Vienna, albeit with an anti-zionist slant.

But apart >from it serious nature, namely counteracting the antisemitism of Karl
Lueger in Vienna, it is also a "gemutlich local paper" with many personal
notices >from far and wide about events, lectures, music, theatre, announcements
of births, marriages and deaths as well as engagements. There are also
fascinating advertisements.

You may be lucky and pick up a clue under "Inhalt" where you find names and
places listed. Unfortunately there are no page numbers given on the "Inhalt"
section, but I have found these items are usually towards the end of the issue
after all the serious articles.

In the first scanned edition of Jan 2 1891 P.7 there is coincidentally an
obituary of my gtgt uncle Michael BIACH [brother of my gt-grandmother Emma {nee
BIACH} KERNER both born in Pressburg 1828 and 1840 respectively to Emanuel
BIACH and his wife Fanny nee LEIDESDORF. The obituary writer *G.W.* could be my
great-grandfather, Gustav WOTTITZ.

I searched at random the edition of 4 January 1901 on p.13/14 under
*Vermischtes* [miscellany] you find many notices >from Vienna, Bisenz, Prerau,
Teplitz-Schonau etc. The names SCHWADRON and ZERKOWITZ [architects] stand out
on this page with links to our Siggers.

Vienna: Funeral of Max WERTHEIMER and with full military honours: Hauptmann
David GELLER [see footnote].
Prerau: 30 Dec 1900 Dr Emil OPPENHEIMER of Troppau marriage to Emile TAUBER
daughter of H. TAUBER, Mayor of Prerau
Teplitz-Schonau Tuesday Dec 25th 1900 at Hotel Bristol, Prague Dr Heinrich
STEINER {lawyer} and Agnes TAUSSIG daughter of Alfred TAUSSIG of Herman Mestec

On p. 16 you will see a book review on the Jews of Bohemia by M. FRIEDLANDER
[rabbi of Pisek].

A much earlier edition 10.8.1894 Heft 32 - p 16 has many swimming and cycling
results in Vienna and Brunn as well as a GRUNWALD wedding in Floridsdorf [for
Traude Triebel!] and a Budweis engagement between Carla FANTL and Gustav SCHUR
of Nachod.

Happy hunting.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote - burial details:
Zentralfriedhof TOR 1 8/62/67 - WERTHEIMER Klementine age 65 buried 11 April
1919 together with Max age 57 buried 01 Jan. 1901 and Rosa age 46 buried 11
Jan. 1929.

GELLER David age 55 died 28. Dec 1900 buried 30 Dec 1900
Zentralfriedhof Tor 1 20 13 10

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