ABELES and WEIL from Petschau / Becov #austria-czech

David Kleeman <dskleeman@...>

I have been following the AustriaCzech SIG for some
time now, but haven't yet introduced myself.
My name is David Kleeman, and I consider myself
intermediate in genealogy. I have good computer skills
and can read Dutch and German (no Czech,

I have one ancestor that came >from Bohemia to the US
in 1846: Seligman ABELES.
He was born in Petschau (Becov nad Teplou) in 1812 of
Simon ABELES and Ludmilla WEIL and had a number of
siblings, one of whom, Bernard, emigrated one year
earlier and also went to Philadelphia. Seligman was
married to Fanny [maiden name unknown, possibly KOHN].
I found on the internet that some other ABELES from
Petschau also emigrated to the US (e.g. to Missouri),
but I don't know whether they were related.
If anyone has ABELES or WEIL ancestors >from Petschau,
I would be pleased to know about them.

David Kleeman, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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