Re: When does a book become public domain? #general

MBernet@... writes:
"I would like to use information >from a book for my Hodmezovasarhely
ShtetLinks site, but I don't know who would have the copyright.
The book was written in 1943. I want to use community and census lists
of names that are found in the book."

There is an international agreement on copyright
US copyright law applies to works published in the USA. You can explore
it by checking on "Copyright Laws" on the Web.

You can consult with your librarian, city or college. They are usually
well up in copyright law. They will probably have source books available
on the shelves or behind the counter.

You may almost always utilize information you have gained >from a
copyright source, but you are never allowed to copy charts, diagrams or
photos, without permission.

A provision of fair use allows you to copy brief passages in specific
in writing a review, or in carrying on a comment or disputation in which
you need the exact original text.

Except under very special circumstances, you can use information
gleaned >from a copyright source, and transform it into a writing of your own.
You can't copy a table, for instance, but you can create a table of your own
and enter the information there; just make sure the new table does not have
the same format or comments as the original.

Michael Bernet, New York

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