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I am trying to locate my cousin Eva Dattel. She married a British
soldier in the London area possibly in 1939-1941. Because of the
terrible bombing heaped upon London during those years, many people were
relocated to outlying areas where it was a bit safer.
We came across a birth announcement of a son born to a Dattel in
Barnstable in the September quarter of 1941. The baby was named Samuel
P.M.Kaplan. I have sent for a copy of the birth certificate. Hopefully
that will give us some information.

We have no data about the husband, but assume his last name was Kaplan
as per the birth announcement. It was thought that this family,
Eva Dattel and her parent's Mayer and Feiga Dattel, were all victims
of the holocaust. We had not heard >from Mayer after the mid 1920s
when he returned to Europe after visiting in the USA >from 1911 to
1921 or 1922. Mayer sent a letter to his sister, Eva Cohen , living
in Mt.Pleasant, Pennsylvania. He described the times in Europe as very
hard with no work and food was scarce.

Mayer listed his home as Warez, both on his Ellis Island Record and
draft registration card for WW1. Mayer listed his occupation as a

We assume Eva was born after Mayer returned to Europe as she was in her
late teens when she married this soldier. Apparently we were wrong
when we assumed the Dattel family was lostto the holocaust. Evidently the
daughter Eva was able to get to safety in England, as for the parents,
we don't know what happened to them. We also can't come to any conclusions
as to how Eva met this soldier. Perhaps her parents made some arrangement
to get her to safety.

I heard >from one of the British archives,stating that they have no record
of any Dattel coming into the UK at any time. This doesn't appear to be a
fact, as she was there married and photographed. The military can't
help without a full name and some data as to the unit he was assigned to.

We have searched holocaust and yiskor lists, all towns near the places
they may have lived and Israeli records. So far we have turned nothing
about this family. They are the only three members of our tree that we
can't definitively chronicle.

I have posted Eva's wedding picture on Viewmate VM12617. One member of
Jewishgen, was able to determine that the photo was taken at the Boris
Bennett Studio in Whitechapel. I have tried to find the records of this picture,
but was told the files no longer exist.

Eva's grandparents were Abraham and Rachel Dattel

There are many spellings for the name Dattel which has made it difficult
to search, {Dottele, Duttal etc.} Mayer was also called Michael --Myer

There has to be some information about this family somewhere. Any help or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Sara Rubin
New Kensington, Pa. 15068

Researching- Kaplan --Dattel -

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