Searching for descendants or family of Meyer Yossel SCHWARTZ #general


Dear JewishGenners,
I am trying to find the children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews
of Meyer Yossel Schwartz. He was my grandmother's cousin and lived
in Stolpce, Poland (now Belarus) before WW2 where he was a school
teacher in the Tarbut. He perished in the ghetto in Stolpce or
Swierzne. His sister Batia Koifmann went to Israel before the war as
did two of his daughters, Yehudit and Shulamit. I have found the
name of his sister >from the page of testimony she filed about her
brother at Yad Vashem. I would be so grateful to get in touch with
any family of descendants of Meyer Yossel Schwartz.

Thank you

Please reply privately to me at

Melissa McCurdie

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