Re: London Jews relocated to safer areas: DATTEL -KAPLAN #general

Sherry Landa and Russell Johnson <sherry.landa@...>

Dear Sara,

The DATTEL married to the KAPLAN who had Samuel in Barnstaple looks like she
was a Ruth DATTEL. She had a brother Martin who was looking for her in 1965
(9 July edition of the Jewish Chronicle shows an "advertisement" saying she
was last known of in Barnstaple).

I went to ViewMate but couldn't find your photo :-(

I am not sure if this is any help or not, really. Unless you know of Martin
and Ruth it probably isn't. Certainly, it looks as if buying Samuel's birth
certificate has been a bit of a waste of money. Of course, Eva could be Ruth
in which case it'd be great!

Best wishes
Sherry Landa (23170, Viersat, FRANCE)

We came across a birth announcement of a son born to a Dattel in
Barnstable in the September quarter of 1941. The baby was named Samuel
P.M.Kaplan. I have sent for a copy of the birth certificate.

I have posted Eva's wedding picture on Viewmate VM12617. One member of
Jewishgen, was able to determine that the photo was taken at the Boris
Bennett Studio in Whitechapel. I have tried to find the records of this
but was told the files no longer exist.

There are many spellings for the name Dattel which has made it difficult
to search, {Dottele, Duttal etc.} Mayer was also called Michael --Myer

There has to be some information about this family somewhere. Any help or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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