What did a Bohemian/Moravian Hausierer have in his Basket? #austria-czech

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Most of us will have Hausierer [peddlers/hawkers] on their family tree, if we
could go back so far. There are many listed in the 1793 census of Bohemia.
For example, in the Staschow [Stasov] - belonging to the Herrschaft Lochowitz
[Lochovice] in the Berouner Kreis - all five families were peddlers:
FEDERMANN [two families], KATZ, STILLER and GANZ

Have you ever wondered what they had in their baskets?

Jewish Peddlers and Hawkers, 1740-1940 by Betty Naggar [Porphyrogenitus 1992
ISBN 1-871328055] deals with Jewish peddlers in the British Isles, mostly of
Russian, Polish and Galician descent.

There are copious illustrations of the peddlers and the type of baskets they
carried - also there is an interesting section on the types of goods sold.
I imagine that these were not very different >from what our Bohemian-Moravian
peddlers sold as they trudged around all the villages.

The list is arranged alphabetically and, for instance, The "C" list includes:
cigars, combs, cutlery, candles, cutlery. Under "P" we find pins, pens, pencils,
paper, pin-cushions, pocket-mirrors, penknives, prints {topical and religious},
plates, poker, pepper, purse, pencil-cases, plush-covers. Under "R" we have:
rings, razors, rhubarb and ribbons. Toys, thimbles and trinkets are included
in the "T" list.

The consumer society in Bohemia-Moravia, Vienna and the Hapsburg Empire in
general, leading ultimately to the Department Stores worldwide, was probably
triggered by these humble Hausierer.

We should not overlook the role they played.

Celia Male {UK]

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