Saly ALTMANN birth certificate 1836 - Neu-Raussnitz {Rousinov}, Moravia #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have just seen the following birth certificate for sale on the best-known
internet auction site within the next few hours, so it is too late to purchase
it, but for the record - here it is:

The internet site states the place as Neurechnitz but I read it a Neu-Raussnitz
{Novy Rousinov, Moravia]

Birth certificate: Saly ALTMANN
Parents: Lobel and Katharina ALTMANN
Date of birth: 30 Nov 1836
Listed in the Birth Matriken: Volume 2 p. 30
Issued: Place and date - Neu-Raussnitz 29. July 1840.

Confirmed again in Austerlitz [Slavkov] Moravia on 17 Nov 1857 - perhaps a
wedding date?. Stamped with 6 Kreuzer seal and signed by Rabbi Michael STOSSEL
[umlaut O].

I found these two references which look very interesting sources and worth
following up:

JSTOR: The Annual of the Frankfurt Jewish Literary Society
Dr. Heinrich FLESCH gives the text of a book of taxation of the Jewish
community of Neu-Raussnitz, of 1808, which throws considerable light on the ...

...... Heinrich: Beitrage zur Geschichte der Juden in Maehren, Neu-Raussnitz. .

Frustatingly, neither open up - but read about Rabbi Heinrich FLESCH here on
our own wall of fame:
and here:

Tomer Brunner in 2001 [see message archives] went to the CAHJP, Jerusalem and
found they had these amazing records:

Chevra kadisha (burial society) = CKB; Synagogue book (with seating order) = SB
Community book = CB

Rousinov [Neu-Raussnit]:
1. CKB 1701
2. SB 1701-1852
3. CB 1701; 1899, 1930
4. Correspondence 1808-1890
5. Militardienst 1840
6. Familien - Anzahl der Jud. Gemeinde (18-19th century)
7. Grundbuch mit namensregister (18-19th century)
8. …..families….1781
9. Competentenbuch 1809

We have no other references to Neu-Raussnitz in our message archives, but there
are references to Rousinov, Moravia so perhaps these sources will be of some
interest. There are five entries for Rousinov on the JGFF. Three, I recognise
as Austria-Czech SIG members.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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