SLOMIANSKY Russia to USA #general

Roberta Apte

This is my first time posting, and I'm relatively new to genealogy, so please
forgive me if my questions are very basic.

My paternal great grandfather was Myer or Meyer SLOMIANSKY. I found the ship
manifest >from the NY Passenger lists that show him arriving in NY on October 4.
1895, stating he was 23 years old, giving him a DOB of around 1872. The 1900
census lists his birth year as Aug 1866. I would think that 6 years is a pretty
big discrepancy, but maybe not at that time. The manifest only says that he was a
tailor, >from Russia, going to NY.

I knew that he married (Mary Brozofsky) and lived in Massachusetts, and was buried
in a Jewish Cemetery in Nashua, NH. A cousin of mine who stills lives in the area
tried to find the cemetery but couldn't. He stopped and asked a policeman, but
still couldn't find it. This cousin remembers his father saying that Myer had a
brother who was a butcher in Boston, but that's all he knows.

How do I find out:
1. Where Myer was >from in Russia?
2. Who were his parents?
3. Who did he stay with when he came to America?
4. Did he have any other family here?
5. Who was the butcher in Boston?

Two of Myer's sons and one daughter changed their names >from Slomiansky to SLOME,
including my grandfather, Nathan. There are a bunch of Slome's living on the west
coast that I'm wondering if they are related to me, but I have no link.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Roberta Slome Apte

Researching: LIPOWITZ (Daugavpils,Latvia) KAPLAN (Belarus), SIEGEL, SLOMIANSKY

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