Re: New Russian Website #general

Jules Levin

"New Website Helps Russian Jews Track Ancestors" A new Russian language website is helping Jewish families discover...gravesites
Georgianna Johnson
I have just explored this site. It is established by the "Jewish Community of
Saint Petersburg", and is a list of the graves in Jewish cemeteries in that city
only. So far there are 75,000 gravestones recorded, with c. 4000 remaining. All
the stones are [to be] photographed. One can search by surname; they are listed
in groups of 30 names, so there are (75,000 divided by 30) pages, making it time-
consuming to browse. My brief survey of a few pages revealed all death dates in
the 20th Century, although there were a few 19th Century birth dates. If you
believe a relative may be buried in a St. Petersburg/Leningrad cemetery, send me
the name and other known facts that might be on a gravestone, and I will search the
site for you.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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