Quarantine in Hamburg? #general

Barbara Siegel

Dear Genners,
Family lore has it that my pggm, Fredricka/Feige HERTZBERG, travelled with
several of her children >from Tukums, Latvia to the U.S. via Hamberg. The
time frame was somewhere around 1885. In Hamburg several of the children
were ill and all were quarantined for a time in Hamburg. If true, this
could be a very helpful bit of information as I have not been able to find
them on any passenger lists,or have any dates of departure or arrival in the

Thus, I have three questions:
1. Is it true that there was a policy of possible quarantine in Hamburg
around the time of this voyage?
2. And if so would records have been kept of those transit passengers who
indeed were quarantined?
3. If there are/were such records is it possible to access them-how and

Any facts or suggestions would be most welcome.
Barbara Siegel bsiegel@...
Researching: HERTZBERG. Posen,Prussia; Latvia; Chicago

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