Kolomyya Jewish National Cookery -Ezra Assoc. #general

Alan Weiser <alanboy@...>

Can you provide information on what was the Kolomyya Jewish National
Cookery-Ezra Association? Its purpose, its operations, its members?

In the conduct of research at the Lviv Archives a researcher working
for Gesher Galicia, Inc. identified records about this Association.
Another researcher working for the Kolomea Research Group examined
the record and determined it contained, " Letters of Elders in Kolomyya
on entering into the Registrar of Jewish Association of mutual aid,
"Jewish National Cookery-Ezra," 1910.

Another record was identified to contain "Letters of Elders in
Kolomyya on entering into the Register of Jewish Charitable
Association, "Tana kiklnia zhydovska," 1910.

It appears to me that both records pertain to the same organization,
do they?

There are a number of other records related to property ownership in
19th Century Kolomyya and student lists for schools in Sniatyn,
1925-1935 time frame. If you are interested in these records please
contact me directly for more details.

Alan Weiser
Silver Spring, MD USA

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