Three eastern European wooden shuls #general

Joan A. Baronberg

Dear Jgenners,

Can you help us with information on any of three eastern European
wooden synagogues?
Although they no longer exist, they have an interesting link.

We are looking for information and photos of three wooden shuls, one
from the village of Suchostaw (currently in Ukraine, near Kopychintsy
and Husiatyn) and one >from Zloczew, near Lodz and one >from Zolochiv in

The Suchostaw shul was reportedly modeled after the Zloczew or
possibly the Zolochiv one.
The Suchostaw wooden synagogue was built toward the end of the 18th
century. Many tales were told about it, and it even attracted the
attention of the Viennese Archeological Society. The Zloczew wooden
synagogue (not to be confused with the stone synagogue built after the
wooden one burned down)was built in the 18th century and based on the
designs of the famous artist, Hillel Benjamin.

There are Yizkor books and Shtetlinks for these towns but no further
information or photos of the wooden shuls.

Thank you for any bits of help or photos you can provide.

Joan Baronberg, Denver, CO
FRIEDMAN, MESTER, WEISSER Suchostaw, Slobodka bei Strusow, Ukraine

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