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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

The efficacy of on-line subscriptions is made apparent by use of which has access to the "San Francisco Chronicle"
archives (there are also other resources which have access to this newspaper
which are available at your public library). Very often the coverage of
events and things such as births, marriages and deaths is quite thorough.

For instance, I happened upon a death notice in the April 7, 1904 edition of
the "San Francisco Chronicle" for a Tina FOGEL, born 1841, Breslau, Germany,
who died on April 4, 1904, in San Francisco. The notice was chock full of
info such as the following: late husband Benjamin Fogel, mother of Max,
Jacob, Lily, Mary, Michael and William Fogel, Mrs. M. McCann and the late
Morris Fogel. Sister of Aaron, Harris and Isidor Salomon.

The funeral was at her son Jacob's home, 72 Germania Street and interment
was at Salem Cemetery by train leaving >from the 25th and Valencia Streets
station. Other Jewish notices also had detailed descriptions of the
funeral, burial and transportation venues.

Note: I am not related to this family. I happened to notice the name as my
mother had some family friends by that name >from Manchester, England, who
went to live in Chicago.

Ann Rabinowitz

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