TASK Family #general


Hello Fellow Genners:

I'm inquiring about the following individuals:
Eisik TASK - Changed name to Irving Task Born: 4/12/1897 in Trespoli, Russia;
Spouse: Lillian Born: August 26, 1903 in Klintzi, Russia. Children:
Paulette Born: 12/27/1925; Beverly Ruth Born: 2/15/1929; Barnett Born: January 7,
1934 They were all born and reside in Cleveland, OH
Sojne Task Born: November 12, 1891 in Prishpoli, Russia; Spouse: Fannie(Feige
Bleiwass) - Married: May 31, 1912; Spouse: Jacob Task They have 4 Children: Elsie
Born: 9/1914; Rebecca Born: 11/1916 in Cleveland, OH and live in Pittsburgh,
PA; Lillian Born: May 18, 1912; Mary Born: June 30, 1928 in Cleveland, OH and
reside Cleveland, OH

Mendel Task: Name Changed to Mae Task Born: March 20, 1906 in ?xmalnek,Russia
Was wondering if these individuals were in some way related to a Ruben (or
Reuben - Rubin) Task and Esther Unknown >from Russia. Rubin and Esther were born
anywhere >from 1819 or 1820. If so, I would like to hear >from their descendents.


Judith Elaine Berman
Franklin, MA

Please respond privately.
Other surnames researching: Berman (Bearman/Bermann) - Russia/Liverpool,England,
Task, Ziman (Zimansky or Simon) - Poland/Russia, Ilgovsky - Poland/Russia, Singer
- Russia; Bernstein - Poland/Russia

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