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A. E. Jordan

brooklyn1960@... writes:
The family lived in Hoboken and was active in a synagogue in that area.

I am having to make an assumption (and I hope I am correct) that you mean Hoboken,
New Jersey as the posting did not say. My family was also >from Hoboken, NJ
settling there starting in the 1880s and among the early Jewish settlers. In fact
they helped to start the Moses
Montefiore congregation. There were three synagogues in Hoboken (or at least
three major ones) early in the 20th century. Moses Monetefiore operated till the
1950s and I can find absolutely no records for it. I have tried. But I can tell
you that Moses Montefiore's burial plot was in Brooklyn, NY at Washington Cemetery.
Burials took place there >from the 1890s to the 1950s.

The other two congregation actually merged and the joint organization continues in
Hoboken, NJ as the United Hebrew Congregation or a name simiar to that.

Years ago Ada Green and a number of dedicated NY JGS members built a database
which is on the site that lists all of the plots in the NY area. I
tried and if you search there on the word Hoboken you get a list of the plots they
found. I hope this link works or else you will have to redo the search.
(MODERATOR NOTE: the tinyurl for this site is

Finally you say it appears that the people were relocated as you can not find
them at the cemetery on the death certificate. My experience with most of the NY
cemeteries is they have a record of all the people who were removed >from the
cemetery and where they were moved to. The most likely way to access these records
is first to search by the burial date to find the person's original burial and then
checking the cemeteries records for that society should show the date of the
removal and where the remains were sent.

Hope this helps you along.

Allan Jordan

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