Searching GORDON family Tennessee to California #general



Several months ago I posted a search for a missing GORDON family branch that
settled in Tennessee and then went to Canada. The father became blind and wound up
back in the Bronx at a home for the blind.

It turns out that the 85+ individual who gave that information has corrected
herself and indicated the he did not go to Canada. He went >from Tennessee back to
the Bronx.

But, she indicated he had a son who moved to California >from Tennessee and worked
for a newspaper. That is all she remembers except the son was friendly with this
woman's sister, Celia Gordon Weiss who passed away in Los Angeles in 1973.

If there are any Gordons who had Tennessee, California and newspaper connections
and recall Celia, I would appreciate you contacting me privately.

Thank you.

Norm Katz
Monroe Township, NJ

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