Locate grave,Briceni,Moldava #general


Does anyone plan to visit the Jewish cemetery in Briceni, Moldava? If so I'm trying
to locate my grandfather's grave there.I have a photo of the headstone taken in
1936. I have no idea whether it still stands. His name: Yitzchok Wolfbein
(Volfbeyn). Year of death: 1921 Place of death: The town of Korman, Moldova (then
part of Romania)on the shore of the Dniestr (Nistru) River. He was shot by the
Petluras. He lived in Zinkov, Ukraine (this too is engraved on the stone).

If you do visit. a photo or photos would be greatly appreciated.

Irwin Wolfe
Port Charlotte, FL. U.S.A. 33948

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