Rena HERMAN, single mother (London, 1918) #general

Michael Hoffman

Hi Saul,

Try Norwood-Ravenswood Archives, the website is:

The contact at the archive is betty.marks@...

Note that Norwood would probably arrange Adoptions informally in those days
in addition to the services that they provided at the "Orphanage" in Knights
Hill, Norwood.

I know of a case where adoption took place within an extended family (my
sister-in-law's father).


Michael Hoffman
Council Member, Regional Group & SIGs Coordinator,
JGS of Great Britain.

< Rena registered Sydney's birth on 7 September 1918 but must have put him up
for "adoption" very soon afterwards. I use inverted commas because adoption
in the UK was only formalised in 1926. Prior to that, adoptions were
informal agreements and largely left no paper trail. >

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