Hebrew translation VM12976,12977, and 12978 #general

Amoz Chernoff <achernoff9785@...>

I would greatly appreciate a translation of certain material on pages
of the book Gevuroth HaAri as seen on VM 12976,12977, and 12978. The
first page, 12976, is the front page of a booklet found in material
left by my father, Isaiah Chernichovsky, and is included only to
identify the publication >from which the next two pages come. I am
interested in a translation of the written material on the second
page, VM 12977, in the inscription given by the 'neched' of the
author, who writes to my father as the 'neched' of Schraga Feitel and
refers to page 17 of the text. The latter, VM 12978, has the
relevant portion of the text highlighted by a line to the left of it
and the underlined notes near the bottom of the page. What is the
translation of the written material on VM 12977, and the translation
of the highlighted sections on VM 12978? And what does 'neched'
translate as in this context?

Many thanks for your help.

Amoz Chernoff
Potomac, MD

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