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Michael Sklaroff

Thanks to all who responded to my query about baby boys and girls
being named after deceased relatives of the opposite sex. All
said, "Yes, it happened." [NB: not a direct quote.]

Barbara's post to the forum, below, encourages me to believe that
my grandfather, Meyer, born in 1898, may very well have been named
after his grandmother, Miriam.

Michael Sklaroff.


--- On Tue, 6/23/09, Barbara Zimmer <> wrote:

Michael asked:
"...were children ever named after deceased relatives of the
opposite sex? .... Was anything like this done earlier in the
20th Century and before? Could my paternal grandfather, born
in 1898, have been named after his paternal grandmother?"

My uncle Reginald born about 1907 was clearly named after his
grandmother, Regina. The next son, Milton, was named after a
grandfather, Michael. Third son, Harold, was probably named after
the other grandmother, Hannah. And my mother, Evelyn, was probably
named after several male relatives named Elias.

Barbara Zimmer

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