Help Locating My SHACHNOVICH/SHACHNOVITZ Family #general

Stanley and Shelda Sandler

I suspect I am searching for a needle in a haystack. I am searching for
possible descendants of my father's maternal family: the
SHACHNOVICH/SHACHNOVITZ family. They were >from Mogilev gubernia, Russia.
Today that area is Belarus.

My paternal grandmother's name was Schifra [nee Shakhnovitz, or a variant
spelling] BACHIN. She had a sister named Hinda who married a BUDNITZKY,
later Americanized to BUDMAN. According to oral history, there was also a
brother named Yishiya. Yishiya may have served in the military. He also
may have been married and had a daughter (name unknown). Letters >from
Russia abruptly stopped sometime during World War II. My grandmother was
born in the town of Chausy in Mogilev gubernia. It is possible that her
brother and sister were born in the same town; however, that is only a guess
on my part. Their father was Yitzhak SHACHNOVITZ. Their mother's name may
have been Rasha. Yitzhak's father name was Meir. Unfortunately, that is
all I know about the family. Schifra and Hinda married in Russia, came to
America, and Americanized their names to Sophia and Anna. Yishiya never
left Russia. There is no information about the fate of his daughter and
possible other children.

With so little information, does anyone have any suggestions how I might
search for them in the event there were some survivors who may have come to
the United States?

Thank you for any help you can suggest.

Please respond privately to stanshel@....

Shelda Sandler
Springfield, Pennsylvania
(suburban Philadelphia)

Researching: APTOWITZER >from Tarnopol province (Galicia), Ukraine
Mogilev Gubernia, Belarus
LUDSKI/LODZKI >from Zgierz, Poland
NEWFELD/NAJFELD >from Zawichost, Poland
SZAJMAN >from Poland

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