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Alex Skolnick <bussupp@...>


I had a similar experience last week. I had a NYTimes listing >from
the Brooklyn Surrogate Court >from 1914 for a person I was so curious
about because I could not figure out who she was. The Times listed
her as "Bessie Szugy" and when I looked her up it was really "Resie
Szugy" which made a lot more sense as "Rasie" had died the year before.

At the Brooklyn court, because the file was prior to 1924 it took a
day to retrieve (the guy searched after hours) which was unexpected
and put a damper on my plans for the following day. *But* it was *all
worth it*. The file was so interesting and helpful because it named
names and relationships and told a story about the person I had no
idea about.

So I recommend retrieving a legal document concerning wills, estates,
etc. In Brooklyn there was no charge for anything, except that you had
to use crappy copiers that cost 35 cents a copy. $90 seems excessive.

Good Luck,
Alex Skolnick

--- On Mon, 6/22/09, hilary@... wrote:

Hi, everyone,
I recently found a reference to a relative of mine which I
would like to research further.

In the NY Times, May 7, 1918, under the NY County
Surrogate's Court calendar, is listed "Frank Clergy" to
appear at 10:30 that morning.

How or where would I learn the details of his appearance
and any related information? Since until now, I had
zero information about him after 1880, I'm very interested
to learn more.

Thanks so much,
Hilary Henkin

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