Re: Felik as a Jewish first name (Yiddish?) #general

Alexander Sharon

Avigdor Ben-Dov wrote

In my genealogy searches, I found the name Felik (transliterated from
the Hebrew) which could, perhaps, be also pronounced Pelek.
The name does not seem to fit common first names. Is this like Felix?
I don't think this is a common Polish name either. Any suggestions?
Perhaps this name is familiar to the List?
Hi Avigdor,

Felek is a common Polish diminutive form of name Feliks.
BTW Jewish Record Indexing - Poland database lists 19 times name Felek as
full name, Felik is listed 12 times, Felix is listed 136 times, Feliks 355
times, and Falik 401 times.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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