Jewish Agricultural colonies in the Southern Ukraine #general

Chaim freedman
This site was set up originally by Nancy Holden, then managed by Pavel
Bernshtam and over the last year by Max Hefler.

It includes much information about the history of Jewish agricultural
settlement, mainly in the south eastern Ukraine.

Archival material includes revision lists, election voting results,
photographs, maps, and personal memoirs of colony life, pogroms, war and

During the last year the following material has been added to the site:

Photos of Ekaterinoslav colony synagogues, schools, administrative
offices and general scenes >from St.Petersburg Central State Archive of

Maps of colonies 1865 >from Yakov Pasik's site The Guide to Jewish
Agricultural Colonies of South Ukraine

Zatishye colony - donor list >from Hamaggid Hebrew newspaper 1872

Translation of names >from Dobra colony

List of Novozlatopol massacre Victims of the Holocaust in Russian
Cyrillic and in English.

List of Jews of Vitebsk Guberniya who settled in Novozlatopol in
Russian Cyrillic and in English.

Prenumeranten list of 2000 names in colonies and towns of
Yekaterinoslav and Kherson Guberniyas, >from 'Imrei Shmuel', Part three,

Grafskoy revision list 1858.
Mezherich revision list, 1858.

Some of the material has not been translated >from Russian and volunteers are

We would like to see all the lists included in the Jewishgen Ukraine
database but do not have the manpower to key in the details.

Additional material should be sent to

Chaim Freedman
Petah Tikvah, Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: Yakov Pasik's site, above, asks to install
software on your computer. Use at your own risk, preferably
with a browser that has adequate security controls.

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