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Barbara S. Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

No idea when your dad was born, but in the 'old days' there were not Bar
Mitzvah extravaganzas as there are today.

A boy automatically becomes a Bar Mitzvah on the day of his 13th birthday.
He may have gone to shul, been given an aliyah, layned Torah, and chanted
the appropriate Haftorah. He may have given a D'var Torah -- a talk on a
section of Torah. There may have been a celebratory meal - but hardly ever
the Hollywood-style productions which proliferate today.

As for an email addy for the Jewish Chronicle, try Google.

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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From: "Miriam Delorie" <>

After many years of research on my father (Mark Coleman) and
his immediate family and just not finding the information I need, I
thought to maybe try any records of my father's barmitzvah which I am
presuming he must have had and am also presuming that as he was born in
Whitchapel, that his barmitzvah must have taken place in that area.
Would anybody be able to direct me to which site I must try and
research, ie. The Jewish Chronicle ? Would anyone have this email
address pse ?

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