Re: Utility of 40+ Year Old US Phone Numbers #general

Marc DVer <mdver@...>

The answers I have gotten has led me to believe that I was not clear
enough. I am not asking how to find a phone number for someone >from 40
years ago. What I am trying to do is use a phone number for someone
from a long time as a lead to get more information. I can go to and get phone numbers >from very old phone books easily
enough. I was asking what I can do with that information.

For example, suppose I find that Ploni Smith in Sometown NJ in 1940 had
the phone number 4623. What can I do with that information?

I am sorry I was not clear enough.

Marc DVer

Marc DVer wrote:
Is there some way to use a US phone number >from 40 years or more ago to
get more information about someone? Would there be records still in
existence >from the phone company that serviced the particular phone number?

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