meaning of Public Charge in 1911 #general

Annette Stolberg <annettes@...>

I have been attempting to find the orphanage where my father, David
FAGELMAN, sisters Ida and Eva, and brother Israel (Irving) were taken
in October 25th or 26th, 1911. The only clue I have is that Public
Charge was written on Ida's school record, and not David's. Ida was
withdrawn >from school on October 25th, and David on October
26th. The type of record was a Scholarship and Attendence record
card. The family lived at 14 Seneca St, and the record cards were
found in the West End Schools.

There was usually another card that showed the name of the school the
child attended after leaving the home school. Unfortunately for me,
there was no card showing this information along with the original
attendance and scholarship record card .

I am hoping that someone in the JewishGen membership will be able to
tell me the meaning of public charge in 1911 which may give me a
direction to take in finding the school the children attended and
ultimately where they were living. I was told that David, Ida and
Irving were in an orphanage and Eva may have been placed in a home
for infants or foster care. She has memories of being taken to
church, but not necessarily by whom.

I have contacted the Jewish Welfare Society, Home for Little
Wanderers, Mass State SPCC, Catholic Charities, Mass Dept of Social
Service. None of these agencies had information about my family
members. I also checked probate court records at the New England
Historic Genealogical Society,but there was no mention of the family names.

All of the FAGELMAN children were returned to my grandmother's home
by the time of the 1920 census.

Please write to me privately.

Thank you.

Annette Stolberg,
Rochester, NY

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