Re: Bribing to get out of Death Camps #general

Robert Fraser <rwfgjf@...>

Dear Friends -

There seems to be a little confusion here. Are we talking about
people getting out of camps before or after the declaration of
World War 2?

My late Father, who was arrested in Vienna as part of the
Kristallnacht, was in Dachau for six months. His father and his
fiancee were able to apply for his release on condition that he
left the country within six weeks. With a multiplicity of
documents that must have taken ages to obtain (but without
bribes, as far as I know), and an affidavit >from an American man
he would never meet, a his release was secured and he migrated to
the UK in April 1938.

Trying to leave Vienna after the declaration of war would have
been a different matter entirely.

Robert W Fraser
Perth,Western Australia

snip...I recently spoke with a friend that shared what I believe
to be a very unique story: His Jewish mother was an Argentine
citizen at the time of WWII. Her father (my friend's grandfather)
lived in Vienna, Austria and was deported to Dachau Concentration
camp at the onset of the time that the Nazis were removing all Jews
from this country.

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